Nashville Eatin’

Nashville has SO many food options that it can be overwhelming to visitors. You really can’t make a bad choice, but here are some of my favorites (organized by food type, of course). Side note – I surprisingly don’t have that many photos of my favorite food places…maybe I was enjoying the meal so much … More Nashville Eatin’

Nashville Coffee

If you’re anything like me, your number one love in life is a local coffee shop. Don’t get me wrong – I like coffee brewed at home or a Starbucks. But paired with a cozy coffee shop – heavennn. Here are all my favorite coffee spots in Nashville listed in order of preference (and linked … More Nashville Coffee

Tampon Alternative Q&A

If you’re considering a tampon alternative after reading my experience with menstrual cups, I have further proof that you should: a Q&A session with two of my dearest friends after their first months using alternatives as well. Q: How/when did you learn about tampon alternatives? M: I discovered Flex while scrolling social media. A: Just … More Tampon Alternative Q&A

Menstrual Cups

Initial reaction: DISGUSTING. NO. Six months later cue me ordering a menstrual cup. HEAR ME OUT if you’re grossed out just by the thought of this. I was also disgusted by the thought of a cup of menstrual blood when I heard about this tampon alternative. Then after about six months, a friend of mine … More Menstrual Cups


Road trip time again! For some reason I planned my Colorado and Maine vacays within four days of each other. Go hard or go home I guess. Our main Maine (get it?) places to visit were Boston (obviously not Maine, but we were flying in here), Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, and Portland. Separate … More Maine