Movie Project

As a 26 year old in 2019, I watched Forrest Gump for the first time in my life. I knew all the famous quotes from the movie, but I had never actually watched the movie. It was surprisingly funny and I somehow never knew the ending until I watched it.

Since it was better than I expected, this gave me the idea to do a ‘classic’ movie project. I researched all the must-watch movies and made a list of which movies I need to see. Here is the initial to-watch list:

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Paris, TN

PARIS! What an epic place to visit and plan for, right? Yes…but you won’t need a passport to visit the Paris I’m talking about. Paris, Tennessee, folks. I’ve been to Paris a few times for work and it’s near Murray, KY where I went to college. It’s a cute small town, so it’s worth a visit if you are in the area.

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Nashville Eatin’

Nashville has SO many food options that it can be overwhelming to visitors. You really can’t make a bad choice, but here are some of my favorites (organized by food type, of course). Side note – I surprisingly don’t have that many photos of my favorite food places…maybe I was enjoying the meal so much that I forgot to take pics?

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Nashville Coffee

If you’re anything like me, your number one love in life is a local coffee shop. Don’t get me wrong – I like coffee brewed at home or a Starbucks. But paired with a cozy coffee shop – heavennn. Here are all my favorite coffee spots in Nashville listed in order of preference (and linked to their Instagram accounts, of course).




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Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve been on a National Park kick for a while now and Rocky Mountain National Park was high (no pun intended) on my list to visit. It can be overwhelming planning trips and figuring out what to see and do – so here are the highlights of our trip to make your life easier!

IMG_6518 (1).jpg

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